As a Washington D.C. based organization, Davis Advisory Group is uniquely positioned to bring together our clients’ state and federal programs by linking state and federal legislators relevant regulatory and administrative agencies. We offer offer strategic plans that link our clients federal and state issues to ensure uniform legislative and regulatory outcomes. The firm also has significant experience in managing federal policy, legislative, and regulatory issues.

  • Development and implementation of direct lobbying strategies for legislative leaders, administrative agencies, and executive branch representatives.
  • Writing supporting documents, including white papers, testimony, and letters of collaboration or opposition.
  • Leading meetings with key executive, legislative, and regulatory contacts as well as stakeholders, influencers, and other decision-makers.
  • Educating committee members and leadership within the legislature as well as representatives of the executive branch and regulatory agencies.
  • Building a supportive coalition of respected allies such as academic, trade, business, civic, and/or consumer leaders.
  • Monitoring related legislation, regulations, ordinances, and executive orders and developing appropriate action plans in response.
  • Monitoring the actions of media and business and advocacy groups; creating tactics to respond to their actions.
  • Enlisting the support of advocacy organizations focused on related issues by educating their members.